Cheap corporate gifts with simple planning

It is always important to maintain a budget while buying corporate gifts. A little planning will go a long way in keeping your gifts well under the budget. There are a lot of good and useful cheap corporate gifts that can be bought at a lesser price. Here are simple ideas to help you get the best pick of corporate gifts

Plan Your Gifts

When corporate gifts are considered, there is a very clear distinction in the gifting strategy. Clients and Business providers will be gifted differently from top performing employee. A top performer will get something better than the routine gifts provided in the corporate world. Gift ideas can be classified by the target audience being gifted!

Cheap Corporate Gifts Ideas For All

When the business provider is kept in mind, most often people go for high-end gifts. They mostly look to impress the client by giving him/her something memorable. Fitting this type of a gift under budget is a herculean task. Gifting the employee is equally challenging, as the purpose of gifting must have a positive effect on the relationship between the employee and the organization. Someone has rightly said that the employees are the internal clients for any corporate organization or company.

  1. Personalised Baskets – Food baskets are very appealing and make a great gift item for clients. Most often they are priced less than $10. Go for ones that are neatly packed. The only constraint is that it must be delivered on time. One can opt for beauty products gift basket also and custom design per the budget needs.
  2. Travel Mugs – Custom made travel mugs make a great gift for clients and employees alike. They can be made with your logo, making it extra special, but still in the same budget. Many website dealers make custom orders and deliver it for free.
  3. Desktop items – These include mouse pads to pen stands. These are always used extensively and are a good deal for a cheaper price. It is also to be noted that these make ideal gifts for both clients and employees.
  4. Gift Certificates – These are ideal budget friendly gifts as you know what to buy and how much you will spend on them. One can also get travel cards or vouchers for theme parks at a discounted rate. It will also make a great family friendly gift.
  5. Stress Busters – One stress ball is enough to provide sanity from continuous typing; it also makes a great corporate gift. Stress relievers are always in demand and are the choicest gifts given for both clients and employees
  6. Technology friendly gifts – A small USB pen drive which has a custom design makes a great and ideal gift. Small gifts can include cleaning gels used for cleaning keyboards, which are very popular among laptop users.
  7. Books – Yes, books are a great gift. It also makes a scholarly impression about your organization. Make sure you choose neutral books or books based upon self-improvement.

Do you have any more ideas on cheap corporate gifts for your clients? Drop us a feedback and we will add on the list. Sharing means caring!